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2008-12-11 22:28:38 by zomgkerrie

well, i feel completely flat and uninspired..perhaps because as a mom and housewife, it seems i'm expected to make 14 million bajillion cookies, treats, desserts, for twice that number of holiday parties and i'm burnt are much more fun when you don't have to run things.... i'm looking to maybe talk my husband into a new mic to record my vocals....but the problem is, since his job is in jeopardy, 50-100 bucks would be tops! i have currently a logitech gaming headset, which is clear for talking, but does hold me back a bit from really doing more vocal work like i want to do.... so, leave me holiday recipe ideas and microphone recommendations! <3 to you all!


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2008-12-12 04:23:12

*i can reformat my own computer and i love Stepmania*

+1 respect points for that ;)

Thanks for the fave.


zomgkerrie responds:

<3's for carfie!!!


2008-12-13 03:31:26

I has cookies too.


Check ebay. You can get good shures (sm series') etc..for reasonably used under $100

zomgkerrie responds:

sweet! thanks, will look into it! i just wasnt sure what would be a good brand for that pricerange!


2008-12-16 16:32:18

I wish I could help you out. :/
I live across the pond!
I'll have to buy a paddle or something...
I want to do another collab with you!
*Looks for mics*

zomgkerrie responds:

awwww! maybe santa will bring me one!!!


2008-12-17 05:43:45

Hopefully :3

zomgkerrie responds:

ZOMG GOOD NEWS! husband says i can get a mic if i look up specs adn prices and find something reasonable. pleaseeeee help!!!! idk what to look for!


2008-12-18 11:20:26

I recommend the MXL 990 condenser mic. Make sure you get the USB version though. :P

Kazmo :3

zomgkerrie responds:

w00t! thankies! will look into it!