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Kazm() collab in the works...

2009-01-05 14:27:13 by zomgkerrie

i have laryngitis *sad face* so all vocal projects are on hold for the time benig. i'm sorry guys :( /201462 <----OMG STOKED!! collab with kazmo!!!

thats what he has so far, i'm working on lyrics, melody and vocals....leave him some love and keep your eyes peeled for the finished product!

<3 Kerrie


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2009-01-08 10:20:52

I've heared it! It does actually sounds really nice only I miss your voice in it ofcourse! :) But also piano wouldn't hurt the song, everyone is a sucker for piano.
I've reviewed that song, so I am not going to give my whole expetations again.
I'll wish you the best for singing. Get me going crazy with that song!
Good luck. ;)

zomgkerrie responds:

i'm excited!! unfortunately, i'm recovering from laryngitis, so i can't work on my part quite yet. i'm so anxious though! kazmo did a great job and i hope the singing adds to it!!! <3


2009-01-08 22:48:04

Link doesn't work? Says there's no such ID or whatever.

zomgkerrie responds:

aww he took it down for a bit. oh well, sorry. try this one: isten/201462


2009-01-17 11:46:24

YAY KERRIE!!! I know, you went to church this morning, I just wanted to leave something. :D

So I dunno if we're done the song yet lol...It do you think we should have a chorus? Hmmmmmm.... :P

Btw I <3 the new pic! You're amazingz.

zomgkerrie responds:

zomg! church was nice and i'm excited fore CAMDEN'S 1st BIRFDAY!!!! tomorrow yayay i love planning parties lol. does need a chorus....we should revist the song...perfect it even more...i will work on making vocals betters! and ty for the <3 for pics ! lol...FINALLY! pics of me that don't suck haha!


2009-01-26 02:16:12

laryngitis sucks. Hope its better.
My vocal excuse is my JOB fucked me for time. :(. When I get home, I play with my kids, then they go to bed.
No time for vocals then. :(

I has MANY vocal projects need finishing. :(

Anyways, just poppin around to say hi.
So, hi.

Also, can you rap?


2009-01-28 21:05:35

Killah voice Kerrie!!! I love your collab with Kasm0!!!

Interested in collaborating? Maybehh??? :o

zomgkerrie responds:

ooo for sure! i just got new mic and i'm stoked!!!! ty for asking! <3


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