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sick of being sick...

2009-09-29 17:52:11 by zomgkerrie

i love you guys. there have been tons of people who have been really patient with me. i've been in the hospital a couple times and then sick with other stuff and generally just having a really shitty pregnancy. please know i haven't forgotten about the projects i've committed to and will be doing my best. i'm on a migraine/anti-nausea medication that will hopefully kick in soon-i have to take it daily. pleaseeeeee hang in there with me.
Kerrie <3


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2009-11-02 12:59:24

I'm excited to hear your enry for RAC 3!!!


2009-11-06 22:23:21

ok i submited a new thingy art thats whut im doing


2009-12-03 14:44:02

Sorry to hear that you're having a shitty pregnancy... my sis had 8 months and 2 weeks of nausea but in the end she gave birth to the most adorable angel an uncle could ever hope for (she just turned 1 year old 2 days ago ^__^).

Hope you're feeling better now (considering you've posted this 2 months ago ^__^)


2010-08-10 09:09:57

hey just drop in to say Hi! How's your son? Keep making music if you have time. :D