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Entry #11

i'm back!

2010-10-31 22:27:27 by zomgkerrie

i'm back from retirement haha! my youngest son is now 7 months old, although not quite sleeping thru the night, it's still time to get back to the music making! i am entering the RAC Contest! I will be representing Egypt, and missed everyone on NG. also, are there any other moms on NG? or am i the only one haha


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2010-11-01 00:29:58

Welcome back! Wondered where you disappeared to. Congrats on the new one!

I dunno about mom's, but a dad I definitely am. 3 monster boys. 8,6 and 4. They grow fast.

Good luck in the RAC contest as well. :)

zomgkerrie responds:

Thanks so much! missed talking to you! i bet your kids are the rocking-est kids alive!


2010-11-15 13:31:18

I'm so excited about your return! :B