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i'm back!

2010-10-31 22:27:27 by zomgkerrie

i'm back from retirement haha! my youngest son is now 7 months old, although not quite sleeping thru the night, it's still time to get back to the music making! i am entering the RAC Contest! I will be representing Egypt, and missed everyone on NG. also, are there any other moms on NG? or am i the only one haha

sick of being sick...

2009-09-29 17:52:11 by zomgkerrie

i love you guys. there have been tons of people who have been really patient with me. i've been in the hospital a couple times and then sick with other stuff and generally just having a really shitty pregnancy. please know i haven't forgotten about the projects i've committed to and will be doing my best. i'm on a migraine/anti-nausea medication that will hopefully kick in soon-i have to take it daily. pleaseeeeee hang in there with me.
Kerrie <3

i'm back:D

2009-08-02 13:23:12 by zomgkerrie

due to the unfortunate circumstances known as life, i have not been able to even think about music. but things seemed to have momentarily calmed down, so i'm gonna get back into it! have a few projects lined up...thanks to all i've worked and am working with who understand the following:

i'm married
i have an 18 month old
i'm currently expecting another baby with my husband:D

my life is busy. i dont have the luxury of having hours at a time to devote to this. i will do my best:D

NeonProject is putting out an album...AND I'M HELPING!!!

2009-04-18 14:55:05 by zomgkerrie

I am helping NeonProject to put out his album! looking forward to singing, lyric-writing, and all around fun!!


and for your viewing pleasure...

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i'm moving on to the semi-finals!

2009-04-06 12:01:57 by zomgkerrie

thanks to everyone who helped vote me into the finals of the "Represent a Country" contest! i could sure use your help and support this sat. as the final contest unfolds! /225007

<3!!!! /225007


2009-03-12 13:50:34 by zomgkerrie d=6947644

i'm entering a karaoke contest on myspace. i need 100 listens to be considered for the contest! help me out by popping over to the link above and taking a listen! <3 23873

i have india! i'm thinking of doing an ambient indian feel, with a taste of dnb. what do you guys think? so come join the fun and claim your country!

Kazm() collab in the works...

2009-01-05 14:27:13 by zomgkerrie

i have laryngitis *sad face* so all vocal projects are on hold for the time benig. i'm sorry guys :( /201462 <----OMG STOKED!! collab with kazmo!!!

thats what he has so far, i'm working on lyrics, melody and vocals....leave him some love and keep your eyes peeled for the finished product!

<3 Kerrie


2008-12-11 22:28:38 by zomgkerrie

well, i feel completely flat and uninspired..perhaps because as a mom and housewife, it seems i'm expected to make 14 million bajillion cookies, treats, desserts, for twice that number of holiday parties and i'm burnt are much more fun when you don't have to run things.... i'm looking to maybe talk my husband into a new mic to record my vocals....but the problem is, since his job is in jeopardy, 50-100 bucks would be tops! i have currently a logitech gaming headset, which is clear for talking, but does hold me back a bit from really doing more vocal work like i want to do.... so, leave me holiday recipe ideas and microphone recommendations! <3 to you all!